About Floor64

Floor64 is, in many ways, an accidental company and an accidental success story. Built out of an industry insight newsletter written by CEO Michael Masnick in 1997 while at Cornell’s Graduate School of Management, Techdirt is a leading technology and business analysis blog. As the years passed the blog became especially well-known for its detailed analysis of the impact of technological change on business models, and how companies could take advantage of those changes by applying a few basic economic principles.

As the blog gained attention it became evident there was a growing need for individual companies to have access to the same type of analysis and insight that was being offered for a general market on the Techdirt blog. Thus the company was born and with an expanded team of analysts began to provide corporate blogs of customized business and trend analysis for individual companies such as Volkswagen, Sprint, SAP and Nuance.

In order to deliver both Techdirt and these corporate blogs more efficiently, the company built a series of "insight platforms" and an underlying core enabling technologies. One of the offshoots of developing these technologies was an unusually dynamic community of participation on the Techdirt blog via the comments and then later through the contributions of others as it became a group blogging effort.

As the business continued to grow, Floor64 increasingly tapped into the wisdom and expertise of the Techdirt blog’s community, knowing that the multiple perspectives and experience would be useful to its clients. In 2006, Floor64 established the Insight Community as an exciting new dynamic marketplace where companies could tap into our large and growing community of experts to have them generate insights directly.

The company continues to follow the core economic principles it was founded on - a company can’t survive if it doesn’t keep innovating. We believe, as did economist Paul Romer, that "infinite goods" are the very building blocks of innovation. The best source of those infinite goods are a continual flow of ideas and insights baked into a larger process of open communication, multiple perspectives and the sharing of ideas.

Floor64's offices are located in Redwood City, CA. Please see our Contact page, if you'd like to get in touch with us.